WiiM Home Windows and MacOS Beta App

Finally, we come up our first version Windows and MacOS App for WiiM Community!

You can download the latest beta Windows App and MacOS App(v0.1.2). 


Feature wise, it's fairly limited. However, we'd like to share it with you for more feedback and keep improving it. Here are some screen shots from the App for your reference. 

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It's limited indeed. It cannot find my UPnP server over the local network.

Hello, if you have any problems with WiiM Home Windows and macOS beta app, please check with the following screenshot and click the ? button, the logs will pop up, please help to send these to us in this topic. Thanks very much for your help in advance.

There is nothing special in the log during server search:

2022-08-22 13:35:34,605 [Thread-1 ] [INFO ] Start UPnP server

2022-08-22 13:35:34,753 [Thread-11 ] [INFO ] Start Media server

2022-08-22 13:35:34,968 [zeroconf-Ser] [INFO ] deviceCome from mdns:

2022-08-22 13:35:34,968 [zeroconf-Ser] [INFO ] Start GetControlDeviceInfo

2022-08-22 13:35:35,075 [zeroconf-Ser] [INFO ] GetControlDeviceInfo finished

2022-08-22 13:35:35,129 [zeroconf-Ser] [INFO ] UI device add: WiiM Mini

2022-08-22 13:35:35,133 [MainThread ] [INFO ] Current device: WiiM Mini

Please send the log file to us.

According to the logs provided, it looks like the app don't start to search UPnP Server. We will check it immediately.

I got it working just after the update to 0.1.2, but it didn't happen again. 

(2.09 KB)
(2.17 KB)

Seems it will only play my presets, nothing else, My Music with my NAS Mapped Music Drive, see songs but does not play, just skips through them a second at a time.

Too bad I can't run the Amazon App through it.

UPnP server discovery started to work for me again, so it was possibly an issue on my computer. Local firewall related probably.

Why can't this beta app be easily uninstalled?

@Tom Matthews You can uninstall it from the Windows start icon, all apps, wiim - open the folder and there's an uninstall option

@Jamie Delaney Use the Windows Android Subsystem and install the Android version of the app

Is there a roadmap for this app? I like the bones, but am interested in where it's going...

For the 'Home Music Server' tab, would be great if it worked similar to Plexamp where you can specify the server/location of music files (e.g. NAS), and add a Search feature for that location of music files to easily play music (right now you have to constantly drill down to get to what you want to play). Thanks.

@timmo Thanks for your great suggestion. Adding an option for the default location of music files and search is in our to-do-list. Please stay tuned!  

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