The following is the list of known issues for the WiiM Mini Firmware and App.

For these known issues, we're working around the clock to fix them and will release a solution ASAP. There are workarounds for some of these issues and we've listed it below. Please use the workaround for the time being. Thanks for your patience. We will update the list below when we've fixed the issue.

Issues as of 9/18/22
WorkaroundEstimated fix date
Qobuz doesn't connect on the latest device firmwarePlease use the latest WiiM Home App
TIDAL Connect doesn't work on the Android device
Clear the user data on Android setting for the TIDAL App. 

TIDAL confirmed that this is an Android App bug and will be fixed by TIDAL around 9/21/22.

Spotify Connect TIDAL Connect doesn't play smoothly on the WiiM Mini

Please go to WiiM Home App by selecting the Device tab > Tap device settings gear icon -> Wi-Fi status > turn on the Preferred DNS Server Sometimes, the DNS of your router (provided by your ISP) may not be the best.
Using TIDAL Connect on multiroom, losing slave speakers
Go to your TIDAL App settings > Quality > Streaming > WiFi > HiFi instead of Master when you play it in the multiroom mode. We'll fix the multiroom playback bug for the master quality content.
Fixed in the firmware 4.6.429354
No sound when using the Apple music via AirPlay 2
Playing another type of music sources like the Amazon Music, then play Apple Music.
Send us a feedback and we'll whitelist one test firmware and see if it works for you.
Gapless playback of the Amazon music casting
We haven't supported the gapless playback of Alexa music or casting from Amazon Music App. We target to release this around middle Sept.Fixed in the firmware 4.6.429354
UHD/HD doesn't play from the Amazon music castingUHD/HD for Amazon music casting is turned off by default to favor the Alexa multi-room.

You can turn it on by going to the WiiM Home App and select Browse tab > Amazon Alexa > Top Right corner Setting icon > Turn on the Amazon Music HD/UHD.

My Music library in Amazon music doesn't show playlist
This's the API issue of Amazon Music that should be fixed by AM.  
Only 30 seconds playback on Deezer and my Deezer favorites are not appearing on WiiM Home appPlease logout your Deezer account in the WiiM App then login again. 9/30
Popping noise coming through speaker's when changing tracks when using optical output to DAC optical in
This pop noise issue has been reproduced in our lab and we're fixing it now.
Fixed in the firmware 4.6.429354

Tunein bitrate not showing correct bitrate
This is a bug on iOS WiiM Home app and we will fix it in next app version.