No same music MultiRoom playback from DLNA server

Posted 4 months by Fquails

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Well, it appears that after the latest firmware update (249), I can no longer play the same music on more than one Wiim at the same time when streaming from my DLNA server (foobar 2000). I seem to recall being able to do that before. I am still able to successfully “add” mutiple Wiims together, but the additional Wiims do not play music. Or maybe that was never possible before and I am confusing with another setup I had?

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Fquails posted 4 months

Hi. I figured it out. After adding a second or third WIIM, I just need to pause the music, then play again. You can close this ticket.

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Linda [WiiM Team] posted 4 months Admin

@Fquails - are you still experiencing this issue? If so, please send us the logs from your device by going to Settings > Feedback and our team will look into it.

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