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Loudness Normalization

Loudness Normalization. If Wiim is taking recommendations for firmware features, I highly recommend an option for Loudness Normalization. Tidal obviously does not normalize their tracks’ volume (or their normalization sucks) as some tracks are waaay too loud via Tidal Connect. Maybe Wiim can also have an option for activating Loudness Normalization for all sources (Tidal Connect, Wifi, bluetooth, Aux in).

Tidal already has an option for normalization in their app settings It uses one of the most preferred methods too, based on scientific research by Eelco Grimm: See full explanation:

Tidal app already feature normalization that you can enable and disable in the app?  

They actually use one of the most respected methods, based on science / research study, by the highly respected Eelco Grimm:

That may be true for mobile devices (I see the Loudness Normalization switch on my Tidal apps for both Apple and Android devices), but that option is not available via Tidal Connect through Wiim.

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When you say Tidal Connect via WiiM you mean only using WiiM Home app? Normally when people use term "Tidal Connect" it means you are using the official Tidal app (IOS, Android, Windows, Mac) If you mean only having WiiM Home app, then maybe WiiM can look but depends entirely on Tidal's 3rd party API. If I use Tidal via Audirvana, Roon, mConnetc etc, this option is not available, so it is 3rd party API limit Why not just keep using Tidal Connect via iOS or Android or desktop app? You don't miss any features this way. Even things like Tidal autoplay for example
I use Tidal Connect all the time from iOs/Android, streaming through the Wiim device. I hardly use the Wiim app. I doubt Connect has the same features/capabilities as the iOS/Android apps. For example, the volume variation between tracks is much more when playing through Connect than when using the app alone. Similarly, the Tidal mobile apps (iOS/Android) automatically go to Track Radio after playing the last track of a playlist. With Connect, the music stops playing at the end of the playlist, and won’t play more music.
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