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DAC Inquiry

I plan on streaming Apple Play Hi-Res files using the optical cable from the Wiim into the DAC optical input on my Emotiva Integrated amp. Will the amps DAC supersede the DAC in the Wiim?

Thank you

Yes. DAC = Digital to Analog Converter. Since no conversion will happen in the Wiim, as it's just passing the digital signal on, the DAC in the Emotiva will be doing the digital to analog conversion.

This is exactly how i want to set up my system, my music app settings on my iphone 13 pro I have "hi-res 24-bit 192 kHz" selected. Is that what I'll ultimately hear through my speakers (my amp's internal DAC supports 24-bit/192 kHz) or will my iphone downsample the stream to something less than 24-bit/192 kHz? Thanks!

Jeff, I'm guessing you'll be using Airplay? (Not an Apple kinda guy) But, I do know there are currently limitations on Airplay 2 of 24/48. Search the forums for Airplay and you will probably find a more detailed (and maybe correcter

I have a Toppings E30 I think it is called .... how do I attach my Wiim mini to the Toppings?  Thanks.  Jerry

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