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My Wiim system...

Amazon Music HD;

Wiim Mini streamer;

Schiit Audio Modi Multibit DAC;

Schiit Audio Saga+ preamp;

Aiyima A07 class D stereo amp - two of these vertically bi-amping:

JBL Stage A170 speakers;

miniDSP 2x4 HD;

Dayton Audio SUB 1200 subwoofers - four of these.

Nice setup!

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Amazon Alexa

(Asus PC with optical out with Volumio for bitperfect ripped CDs)

Wiim Mini (optical out)

Naim Supernait 1 (has built in DAC)

Neat Motive 1

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Normally use Tidal HiFi (with the Veteran's discount, it's the cheapest)

WiiM Mini optical out -> RME ADI-2 DAC FS -> JBL 305P MKII studio monitors.

7" display shows what's playing on the WiiM:


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Amazon Music HD

Wiim Mini

Topping D90. Holo Spring 3 with preamp on order

Starke Audio A320 AMP

Spatial M6 Speakers

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Tidal HiFi WiiM Mini in 2 systems: 1) optical out to Topping E30 DAC -> SMSL A36 amplifier -> Monitor Audio Bronze 4 floorstanding speakers 2) optical out to Yamaha WXA-50 DAC/amplifier -> Canton Chrono 502.2 standmount speakers

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  • Spotify Connect + Amazon Music UHD (excited about the upcoming update)
  • WiiM Mini
  • FiiO K5 Pro DAC
  • Beyerdynamic DT-1990 Pro 

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Setup 1 (main): Tidal Hifi/Apple Music from Apple TV 4k/Foobar 2000 DLNA server > Wiim> Topping DX3 pro + in DAC mode > Yamaha RXV1800 in Pure Mode > Definitive Technology Mythos One speakers + Martin Logan Dynamo 12” subwoofer. Setup 2 (home office): Tidal Hifi/Apple Music from Apple TV 4k/Foobar 2000 DLNA server >Wiim > Topping DX3 pro + in DAC mode > Bellari EQ570 > Yamaha RX-397 in Pure Mode > Definitive Technology StudioMonitor SM350 speakers + B&W 8” subwoofer. Setup 3 (garage): Tidal Hifi/Apple Music from Apple TV 4k/Foobar 2000 DLNA server > Wiim > Audioengine HD3 powered speakers + PSB compact subwoofer.

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WiiM -> Sanskrit 10th anny Mk2 (waiting on a Modius) -> Freya+ -> XLR out -> 2x Vidar in mono -> KEF Q350 / twin Jamo C912 subs

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I have two! Amazon Music UHD / ATMOS (Excited for the update in the next few days) One is on the main system in the loft open area (not the perfect environment but hey whatryagonnado?) Wiim optical in to Sony ZA1000ES. That it ATMOS capable but also all other PCM formats are automatically decoded. Main speakers are Aerial Acoustics floor standers with decades of use and still sound gorgeous. Front and forward L/R sourrounds are MartinLogan Motion® SLM. Rear, well they are the stock ones a contractor put in however the load is minor and they don't get much exercise. I also input Roku Ultra box which does stream ATMOS from Amazon to the SONY. Second is attached to a JBL Bar 9.1 ATMOS sound bar in the living room. The beauty is now I have WHOLE HOUSE nirvana. I have an Alexa Echo Studio in the master bath and an Alexa Pod wired with mini in the office. That is a beautiful thing. My question. I can not figure out how to trigger the Sony or the JBL to start automatically when I select the whole house from the Amazon app or the Wiim app. I've bought a number of HDMI Embedder like this J-Tech Digital 18Gbps Digital/Analog Audio HDMI Embedder Inserter Support 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 HDR CEC HDCP2.2/1.4 with TOSLINK Optical 3.5mm Audio Input Options [JTECH-18GAE] But no luck. If you have a solution or a theory, please do share it.

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I have three! Main system: Wiim Mini to E30 Dac to Onkyo TX-8270 to Definitive Technology BP6 and Elac Debut 6.0. The other two are used to play multiroom to a couple of Huawei Sound speakers.
Hi Juan. Do you have any luck getting everything to automatically turn on? If so, what is your process?
WiiM mini optical out to Loxjie A30 to Klipsch RP-600M
Loxjie A30 is the one that switches on. That seems like a great office set up!

WiiM Mini feeding RME ADI-2

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