Here's the steps on how to use Amazon Alexa with your WiiM Device.

First you need to own an Echo or device with Alexa Built-in, in order to connect your WiiM device with it.

  1. Open the WiiM Home app.
  2. Tap "Browse" and then tap "Amazon Alexa".
  3. Tap "Get Started" to sign into your Amazon Alexa account.
  4. Enter the correct Amazon account and password to sign in successfully.
  5. Now, your WiiM device is connected to your Amazon Alexa account and you can now use your voice to control your speakers with other Echo devices. For example, say "Alexa, play music".

Then it's best to use Alexa to change the Alexa name of your device, it will be very convenient to use voice to control it. Please check with the following steps:

1. Open Alexa app and tap the Echo & Alexa on Devices tab.

2. Select your WiiM device and visit the device settings page.

3. Edit the Alexa Name of your device.

4. Then you can control your WiiM with other Echo devices or Alexa built-in devices, just say "Alexa, play music on Kitchen"