Audio ports such as Aux-In, Line-In or SPDIF-in is an audio input available on WiiM Mini or Pro that allows you to connect a device with an audio output (such as a CD player, TV or turntable) to play on your WiiM attached audio system.


Once you’ve connected a device to the audio input port on your WiiM Mini or Pro, you can start playing Aux-In, Line-In or SPDIF-In audio using the WiiM Home App by the following steps.

1. Select the Device tab, tap the device or group that you want to play the input audio 

2. Select the Browse tab, go to the bottom, click the Aux-In, Line-In or SPDIF-In

How to enable the Auto-sensing for the input audio?

Enable the Auto-sensing to automatically play the input audio when WiiM Mini or Pro detects a signal is being sent to the audio input port. The device will only detect the audio input when there's nothing playing on the device or the group. 

Select Device tab > Tap the device setting gear icon > Audio Input > Turn on the Auto sensing option. It's disabled by default.