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Wiim Pro: hardware buttons for presets

Hi! It would be very convenient to have hardware buttons for presets in the new Wiim Pro, so I can start listening to music immediately, at the push of a button.

1-Please not amother puck-shaped,

2-Internal DAC is not necessary as is for Pro Audiophiles use (less costs)

3-Ethernet cable input

4-Wi-Fi 6

5- USB & Coax + the actual optical outputs

6- Debugged software

7- Display with khz / bits being trasnmitted

Square, no buttons, no usb. See the thread on audiosciencereview 


Here are some pictures for the WiiM Pro and its voice remote. Please stay tuned!



Nice! But I can't see any hardware button for preset selection on the unit itself, and only 4 on the remote, despite the fact that the system supports 12 presets...
Parametric EQ would be great. I have a Wiim mini, and PEQ was on the list of future features, but has disappeared. I would buy a Wiim Pro to replace my Wiim mini if it had PEQ.Please.

WiiM have said they’ve parked a PEQ for the Mini for now as they concentrate their resources on the upcoming WiiM Pro, but that they will implement it at some future date. Join the large WiiM thread on audiosciencereview where items like this are often mentioned.

@Carmine Hi, there's one smart button left to volume up + button that can serve as the preset on the device. It's pretty limited though so we add four more presets on the remote.  

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Thanks for your reply! Does the smart button cycle through all 12 presets?

Hi Carmine, since it's smart button, you can define it as the cycling through the 12 presets such that tap once is to play the last preset. Tap twice is to skip to the next preset. We want to make it even more flexible so you can define the actions beyond playing presets.You can group two speakers then play the specified preset. The desired behavior can be customized from the WiiM App.

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That's clever! Thanks... :⁠-⁠)
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