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Posted about 1 month by Ian Price

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Ian Price

I bought a WiiM mini specifically to use it for streaming tidal hi-fi via spdif direct into my minidsp processor, and it kind of works... I got the WiiM mini out of the box and configured it to connect to my phone's hotspot, and straight away it works, and has no trouble detecting the device via the tidal app on Android as a tidal connect device, outputting good clean 16/44.1 lossless via my Google pixel 3a XL's 4g internet, and that's great. However once I start driving, and am no longer in range of my home wifi (which I was also connected to the whole time) the playback pauses, and I can't see the WiiM mini under playback devices in the tidal app any more, but even then if I press play in the tidal app it resumes playing, awesome. The problem is, though, if I stop for gas, take the key out, lose power to the WiiM mini, I can't get it to continue playing. I hear the power up tone via spdif, and then another tone which I believe is when it reconnects to my phone's hotspot, and I can see that I have 1 device connected to my phone's hotspot, but it never shows up as a tidal connect device. A slight work around is, if I enable the hotspot on my work phone (iPhone SE 2020) and the pixel connects to that, suddenly it shows up in total connect and can start playing. My pixels hotspot remained on the whole time, and the WiiM mini remained connected to it any time the ignition was on (and the WiiM was powered), and the only wifi password that the WiiM mini knows is to my pixels hotspot. I don't know if this is a AP isolation issue, or even a tidal issue, but the fact that it continues to play when the pixel isn't connected to any wifi, and the WiiM mini is connected to the pixels hotspot, makes me hopeful there is a fix. PS, if this is an issue that a different streaming service wouldn't have any problems with, I'm more than happy to migrate away from tidal to a compatible service that offers lossless 16/44.1. Thanks

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