Output silent audio frames between tracks in a playlist

Posted about 1 month by Charles J Razzell

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Charles J Razzell

For cases when gapless playback is not (yet) possible, it would be good not to shut down the SPDIF signal and restart it again so that an external DAC's PLL can stay locked.  This would require sending silent audio frames at the last used sample rate whenever nothing is playing, especially between tracks in the same playlist.

When all items in a playlist are the same sample rate there should be no need for the DAC to have to lose and reacquire lock between tracks.

Some DACs have muting relays that click audibly whenever PLL loses lock. 

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Edgard Castro posted about 1 month

That would be great. My DAC takes some time for PLL sync and this reflects directly on the app interface, making it looks sluggish.

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