Can’t connect to DLNA music server

Posted 2 months by TY

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Hi I just bought my Wiim 2 weeks ago. It connects to the wifi fine. Excellent connection. Downloaded latest app. It manages to identify my music server via DLNA when I launch app and I can browse and choose the music I want it to play. But after that it loses connection to the DLNA music server and just goes on infinity search. But the song I first selected can still be played. In fact I can still skip forward and backwards on song choice. But I just can’t browse anymore or see the DLNA music server. Very strange! Nothing else was changed. Help pls.

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Linda [WiiM Team] posted about 1 month Admin

Hi, it looks like you've submitted a ticket too. Here's the correspondence for other's reference:

From you: This problem seemed to be solved already by deleting and downloading the Wiim app again from the Apple App Store.

From WiiM: It seems that there are some issues in our app. When the same issues happen again, please help to send us a feedback with WiiM Home app by selecting App settings -> Feedback. We will check it immediately after receiving it.

WiiM Support

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