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WiiM Support Quality

Hello, Didn't know where to write this, so I made a new topic. This is not a problem report, but a high praise to Arylic/WiiM Support service. I have had the optical output issue on my Mini. It was a known issue and the output was unusable anymore. Although I did not purchase my WiiM directly, but through my sister in the US, the WiiM support people have been nothing but helpful and 100% supportive and efficient. I even returned my faulty unit to Arylic's German warehouse, in order not to pay an arm and a leg for return shipment. I have to commend Mr. Bynn from the Aftersales support who got out of his way to guide me through the process and who organised everything for me. I am really pleased with the efficiency and support I got from the Arylic/WiiM Aftersales support. Just wish more companies were as professional as Arylic is in this regard. Thank you very much and best regards, Vladimir
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