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Device not accessible after period of inactivity

Firmware 46.420439. Device has power, white LED is active but it's not visible in Wiim App 2.0.2 (iOS 15.5) . After restart it shows again.

If others are experiencing this issue, please submit a ticket to or send us feedback through the app under Settings.

Hi Aaron, Sorry to hear your device isn't working. We saw your ticket you submitted and our team will work with you to replace the unit as it appears to be defective. 

I had the same exact issue. I hadn't used the unit in several weeks, went to power it on and could not sync with any streaming services. As soon as I went to sync with streaming service, it would disappear from the network. I would restart the unit and it would appear on the network again, but would disappear as soon as I would try to play a song. This went on for a couple days. Now the unit no longer powers on at all. 

Is there a way to send feedback through the app if the unit no longer powers on?

Hi, later today when come home I can send you feedback through app. I bought it in Croatia on website I'm not sure if this is under your direct warranty or I have to send it to them first if there is a need for a replacement. Best Darko

Please help to send us a feedback in WiiM Home app. Our engineers will look at the device log and help resolve this issue shortly. Meanwhile, can you please send us your order number and shipping address? If there's defective unit, we'll send you a replacement. 

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