WiiM Mini - ethernet+power adapter like the old Chromecast Audio device supported

Posted 4 months by Sean

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Hi Support

The old Google Chromecast Audio device was a WiFi only device like WiiM Mini but it was possible to use an adapter which provided both 5Vdc power AND ethernet into the microUSB port.

Google sold such an adapter and it worked really well for me:


Is this possible for WiiM Mini to support something like this? It would need to be USB-C of course.

This would eliminate lots of WiFi issues.

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Linda [WiiM Team] posted about 17 hours Admin

Like HappyWiiMuser replied, WiiM Mini lacks the hardware to support Chromecast, but we will be supporting Chromecast on WiiM Pro coming out later this year.

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HappyWiiMuser posted 15 days

Sanjay V - 1. Chromecast needs special hardware. It can't be added via a software update otherwise there would be many more options. Even Bluesound cant support it :) WiiM Pro will have it. 2. Apple Music over Chromecast is lossy anyway, not lossless as you'd like

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Patrik Vikner posted 15 days

I second this! Would be great. Google also sells one for usb-c :)

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SANJAY JAIRATH posted 16 days

Kindly provide Chromecast on WiiM Mini because I am unable to access Apple Music for lossless audio. I am using Android Phone. 

Through my son's iPhone, it works absolutely fine.

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Sean posted 3 months

This was another one that worked with old Chromecast Audio device (microUSB):


The microUSB carried both power and ethernet data

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