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LMS / Squeezelite Support

There are thousands of Logitech Media Server users out there, with a very active forum dedicated to its use.  It would be great if  Squeezelite support were added to the WiiM Mini to make it a native LMS client, with the full feature set.


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@WiiM Support: 

To echo and reinforce what @cc has said above.  The current support for LMS via UPnP Bridge is not a solution that will entice very few of the thousands of active users of LMS to purchase your product.  I have no idea the level of effort that will be required for you to add SqueezeLite, but given the price point and other functionality you offer, I believe your return on investment in new customer acquisitions with some minimal promotion and support on should be worth your efforts. I think you have a very nice product which has a very nice additional market opportunity with native support for LMS using SqueezeLite.  It also happens to be a vey nice open community where if you ask, I suspect you will get help on how to implement SqueezeLite on your platform.  

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Thanks Mike and CC for your great comments that are super helpful. I'll raise this request with our team and see when we can come up the solution. Please stay tuned!

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