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Why use for DNS?

I'm curious why the latest Wiim Mini firmware suggests using as preferred DNS server. For example, does the Mini use DoT when it uses this server?


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My router was set to use DoT and I had lots of dropout problems, so I had to disable DoT on my router.

When the new WiiM app came supporting I enabled it and am now able to keep DoT on my router.

Thanks for the reply! So the Wiim didn't outright fail when your router was set to DoT, but the wiim connection to your network was unstable in some way? I've had occasional dropouts of my wiims off my network and I don't use DoT. So I'm guessing DoT isn't the issue? I'm far from an expert but my rudimentary understanding is that uses standard dns so in theory you're lowering your network security to accommodate the wiim?

Yes dropout every 1 or 2 hours with router DoT on.

My router now is set to DoT but the WiiM streamer alone (nothing else on my network) just runs on

So I don't look at it as lowering router security, if I am able to run in DoT.

If one device runs on Google DNS, that's not a big deal for me. And no connection issues.

If you are not doing DoT and having WiFi issues I would recommend:


-Airtime Fairness




Limited channel width to 20 MHz.

5GHz obviously preferred if you can.

What model router?

Óops my mistake, I guess supports both standard dns and DoT. Sorry.

Yes it can but depends what WiiM have enabled - likely not DoT.

But if you are not running at DoT anyway, then not something for you to worry about. 

You should try to enable 8.8.8. in WiiM Home and those things I mentioned above.

Thanks for the suggestions. Actually my dropouts are not as severe as what you described, and have improved since recent firmware updates. Wiim acknowledged issues and said they made some improvements. I have a dropout once every few days maybe.

Ah ok, once every few days could be anything and very minor. Nothing to worry about.

Yes, as I mentioned, I was mainly curious about what is the advantage that could be gained by switching dns servers. This seems like an unusual suggestion. Anyway thanks again for the suggestions.
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