Next WiiM streamer - add digital coax output and RJ45 LAN input

Posted 4 months by Sean

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We know LinkPlay hardware will be inside more streaming DACs and speakers in future. Those will have network input and analogue/sound output.

But for next WiiM streamer, can you add RJ45 ethernet input and digital coax RCA output.

The TOSlink connection can be fragile and adding ethernet cable option should resolve many WiFi connection support tickets that you receive.

I'm really enjoy my WiiM Mini so much ! 

Keep up the great work !

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Rich posted 26 days

Agreed, I need an RJ45 network port and coax digital output to connect to my system as well.  Actually the coax digital output port is the most important for me.

I'm looking to stream Amazon Music UltraHD into my Bang & Olufsen Beolab 5 speakers using just your streamer.  The Beolab 5's have a digital coax input that then goes through it's internal DAC and pre-amp (all built into the speaker).  So if I could just use your streamer I would have the minimal number of boxes to stream Amazon Music Ultra HD.

I've lived with the Amazon Echo Link for 2 years (which does have the digital coax output), but obviously when you cast/connect to it from the Amazon Music app on the iPhone it is only in standard definition quality.

Great product as it is for a lot of people, keep going and please get in touch if you can solve my coax digital connection problem.

thanks !

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Carmine Cristallo posted about 1 month

Yes please!

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