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Soft reboot in WiiM app

Hi, it’d be useful if we could reboot the device from the app rather than having to unplug power to a hive such - after all, the unit is rather fragile and I don’t like disconnecting connections regularly.


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Great idea . Please add WiiM Support

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** edit:….to achieve such…

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Hi Pete, we've fixed the disconnection issue with some routers recently (that needs the reboot of the device) in the production firmware that should improve the device stability significantly. However, adding a reboot from the App is a great idea and we'll see if we can implement this in our future release.

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Thanks Wiim, we would love a reboot option inside the WiiM Home app.

My WiiM Mini is behind HiFi furniture and it is difficult to reach the WiiM Mini to unplug power to reboot.

It is very bad for my lower back and my knees to reach so far behind the furniture.

An easy fix is to add it to the WiiM Home app.

Hi HappyWiiMuser, sorry for the inconvenience caused. After the latest update (version number is 4.6.419430), we hope it won't need your physical reboot. Meanwhile, we're working on the soft reboot from WiiM Home App.

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