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Posted 4 months by cc

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For most of us, bit-perfect UPnP support from servers like LMS is fantastic, thank you WiiM!

However, most of the reviewers out there use Roon, and are quite snobbish about it.  So, Roon support would greatly improve the WiiM Mini's standing in the reviewer world, which is very influential.  

I see it's planned for some time this year.  Hope so.  An estimated timeline would be great!

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cc posted 4 months

In the FAQs:


Is Roon supported? Print

Modified on: Tue, Feb 22, 2022 at 1:27 PM

Not yet. We have a plan to enable Roon on this product later this year with an automatic software update. Please stay tuned.

Until then, re: Roon support - since WiiM Mini supports AirPlay 2, it should work with Roon as the endpoint. 

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HappyWiiMuser posted 4 months

Where does it mention Roon support?

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