Retain access to My Music and playlists when the lossless Amazon Music HD is implemented

Posted 6 months by Brantome

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As per the subject: when you implement lossless Amazon Music HD/UHD support, please retain access to my Amazon Music account My Music library and playlists as you do for your current lossy Amazon Music option.

I currently use Heos and while it can play AMHD's lossless tracks up to 24/192, it doesn't have access to My Music library and my playlists which I understand isn't uncommon for third party implementations of the lossless Amazon Music HD service.
I'd guess that the API for the lossless Amazon Music HD service may not share the same API as the older lossy/SD Amazon Music service - perhaps Wiim could blend their current implementation of lossy Amazon Music with the upcoming lossless Amazon Music HD to retain access to the library and user playlists which is an essential part of my listening experience

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