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My Wiim system...

Amazon Music HD;

Wiim Mini streamer;

Schiit Audio Modi Multibit DAC;

Schiit Audio Saga+ preamp;

Aiyima A07 class D stereo amp - two of these vertically bi-amping:

JBL Stage A170 speakers;

miniDSP 2x4 HD;

Dayton Audio SUB 1200 subwoofers - four of these.


Amazon HD

Wiim Mini

Yamaha C70

Yamaha M70


Hi All! I am listening to Tidal HIFi through Wiim Mini plugged into optical in in my Yamaha R-N602. Speakers are Focal Chorus 726. I am going to buy external DAC as upgrade. What would You recommend? Regards.
Michal, if you can grab the SMSL SU-8S in I think it's a great purchase. It does full MQA decoding trough optical, works like a charm with the Wiim and Tidal.

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Wiim passes mqa through?
Michael—if your Tidal is Hifi and not HiFi Plus, you won’t need a DAC with MQA decoding. I had Tidal HiFi, and used a Topping DX3 Pro + external DAC with the Wiim. Loved it.
I see. Will it be better than Yamaha's build-in DAC pcm1791a?
Michael—to my ears, the Topping DX3 pro + DAC sounds better than the internal DAC in my ancient Yamaha RXV-1800. I have a total of three Wiims—two of which are connected to its own Topping DX3 pro+. The Wiim in the garage uses the Wiim’s internal DAC, but that is for background music and not for critical listening. Honestly, if you are happy with your set up, stick with it. Or, try an external DAC and make sure it is returnable if you don’t detect a significant improvement.

Wiim Mini

Topping E30


Elac Unifi b5

sorry streaming from Amazon HD

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